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Service Products:

iBizPreneur Boot camps: Our Entrepreneurship bootcamps are intensive programs that offer entrepreneurship development and Business Skill set. These trainings are targeted towards improving the mindsets and skill sets of our clients. Enclosed in the training packages are; Introduction to Entrepreneurship, Idea Generation, Creativity, Business Model, Opportunity Analysis, Market Research, Design Thinking and Prototyping, and Pitching. A lot of satisfactory comments have been made by our beneficiaries. We offer Bootcamp Training Programs in three (3) main categories.

  1. Beginners (KidPreneur)
  2. Intermediate (TeenPreneur)
  3. Advanced (Entrepreneur)


Workshops/Seminar: We organize workshops and seminars to get participants fully involved in the entrepreneurial learning process, by giving them the opportunities for practice and application actively engaging participants in practical learning process.


We also offer most of our training services on demand and proffer them to individuals and businesses in need of Business Development Services.

Training: iBizPreneur Learning and Development Model

We have adopted the practical approach towards the Learning and Development of entrepreneurs. Our Optimised Training Model guarantees a high Success rate.

We ensure long term retention rates of our training sessions by getting participant actively involved by collaborating with others.

Recreation/Games: Part of our mandate is that while preparing the intellectualities of the future entrepreneurs, we also felt the necessity to encourage them to learn how to always remain physically and mentally fit by organizing team building activities that are aimed at building trust between the members of a team and ensuring that everybody is heading in the same direction and following a shared set of values.