Is False Evidence Stopping Your Home Based Business?

Starting a home-based business? Or are you on the “verge” of starting, but just can’t seem to get over the hump? What’s stopping you? Are you worried the business won’t work for you? What if you lose a bunch of money? What if you don’t make enough money fast enough? Why would anyone want to do business with you? Do you have the skills and guts to make a business work? Do you have the time to build a business? Are you even worthy of having a successful business? And what about those people who start a business and are seemingly successful over night? It’s just not fair. Why can’t you be one of those people?

These are questions I struggle with; feels like all the time. Logically, I know they are of no significant consequence; some are even down right silly. But I’m not always logical and have to fight to overcome these questions. Starting a business is a very scary prospect. After all, you’re doing something that is probably way out of your comfort zone. Very few of us are taught to be entrepreneurial, and there are so many issues to deal with when building a business. But when I dig down deep enough, I find that these issues are really something else by another name, false evidence appearing real, a.k.a., fear.

Getting over fear can be the most difficult part of the battle, especially if you have a personality like mine-I don’t like confrontation and I want everyone to get along-not the typical traits you would expect from an entrepreneur. So how do you get over the hump? I wish I had a clear cut answer. A quote I like by Prime Minister Sharon of Israel is, “Some things are not problems to be solved, but facts to be endured.” Fear is just one of those facts that must be endured, and overcoming fear boils down to making a decision to start. Recognize the fear, accept that it’s okay to have fear, and then choose to “just do it.”

Fear is something all business owners face; some are just better at dealing with it than others. But that doesn’t mean you have to let fear keep you from moving your business forward, just make the decision to move on despite the fear. Who knows, you might be one of those people who is successful overnight. You just have to walk though fear’s smoke screen to get there.

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Source by Yolanda Allen

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