Cultivate Entrepreneurship in Your Leadership

Entrepreneurship is now an important part of leadership. As a leader, you are always faced with a lot of choices daily. You also need to solve a number of problems as you go through your daily operations. Without problems, your job as a leader is probably as exciting as a dry summer afternoon-no breeze that ruffles the leaves of the trees, and nothing disturbs the blueness of the sky.

Welcome problems as opportunities for you and your organization. Yes, it is sometimes difficult to deal with problems. They can give you headaches and ulcers, especially if these problems impact the operations and the bottom line of your organization. But these problems also represent the opportunities for growth that your company may undertake. If you practice entrepreneurship in your leadership, you just might turn things around and make things better.

What is entrepreneurship anyway?

Entrepreneurship, really, is nothing more than creative problem solving. You do away with the traditional mode of doing things and work at the solutions that may seem crazy at the time. The usual result of entrepreneurship is a new way of looking at things, a new product or service, or an innovation that introduces significant changes in your field or sector. It may even give you competitive advantage over your market.

Solve problems. Engage your people in creative brainstorming and mind-mapping. Look at the problem at all possible angles. Be unconventional. Be crazy. Be insane. Don’t go the usual path. While the usual path may be tried and tested, it may also give you the same results that you’ve seen in the past. If you solve the problems using unconventional means, you may end up in a different, but satisfying place.

The importance of creativity. Use your imagination to create lasting solutions that could change the way you do things. This is a great way of introducing innovation. The most successful companies in the planet today are always on the lookout for innovation. Look at Apple Computers-they are almost always ahead of the pack because of their unconventional way of doing business.

Practice entrepreneurship in your leadership. It’s a great way to ensure long term success. Besides, your organization will always be faced with different situations that will require you to think quickly and address the difficulties of the market and your immediate surroundings.

With entrepreneurship, your leadership can certainly take on a new turn and you will be looked upon as the creative and innovative leader.

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