How To Create Posts That Are Actually Read And Go Viral?

This is the million dollar question. First of all, you need to grab your reader’s attention. You have an idea and want to get it out there. The obvious – you must target the right audience. Make them curious to read the information you are providing. You need to arouse interest, feeling, and provide value. If you provide enough value, you will gain followers.

Talk about subjects that are trending today. This will gain you more clicks and if you continue to provide the same quality posts, articles, etc., you will attract a following. Example – Evergreen everything is on target today. It has become the current buzz word. The content will live on.

Post inspirational quotes – articles – memes. I have been doing this for some time. I find the views on these posts are large. People comment. I am researching what people like to see and hear. Celebrities such as Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Les Brown, and Jim Rohn have quotes that are well-known and loved. Flowers with inspiration comments draw attention as do babies.

Several good places to check for trends – Reddit, Twitter, Google trends, Facebook, keyword tools. Marketers check their subjects and product possibilities before they start working on them. Google is always a good place to start. If you find there is competition, you may have a good place to start.

Use videos in your material. Creating a video today is so easy. Combine it in your online posts. I find that adding some fun and spontaneity always improves interest and views. Be natural, laugh, move your hands around. I find practicing my videos, gives me the opportunity to improve the quality and create more interest. Gives me the opportunity to work past the stumbles and makes the end product smoother. Video today is another buzz word. Post a video online. I post to my Facebook page directly then upload it to YouTube.

Create a Facebook page and group. You can link them together now. When your post gets higher views, try boosting it. This is an inexpensive way to run a test. Try testing the right timing of your videos. You will discover what length and subject works best for you. The challenge – Facebook changes its rules frequently, what works today may not work next week. This is the rule of the universe – change is constant. What does not change is that providing value is key to everything.

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