Entrepreneurial Mindset: The 7 Magical Keys

So, how important is an entrepreneurial mindset and what are theses 7 magical keys or skills that you will need to acquire or adopt?

1. Attitude With Passion

I believe that this must be the starting point on any quest of this magnitude. When moving from the mindset of an employee to that of an entrepreneur, you need to crack this specific key. If you fail to understand the significance of a passionate attitude, the remainder of your quest may possibly be out of your reach.

To me, attitude with passion is everything, when it comes down to it, with the correct attitude, you either complete an action or not. By adopting the right attitude you either stay on track and keep moving in the direction of success or you fall by the wayside.

To be highly competitive in this current climate, I believe that separating attitude and passion, is a big mistake. So, can you have a winner’s mentality and exclude being passionate about what you do? I do not think that you can prise these two apart and win.

Your passionate attitude says all there is about you and your future. It will seep into absolutely everything that you do moving forward.

The only question at this stage would be to ask, ‘Are attitude and passion enough, on their own?’ I will let you answer that vital question.

2. Clarity Of Action

Clarity of action is an immense skill set to establish and the power of taking action is driven by clarity.

The important points here are knowing exactly where you are going and being prepared to take the necessary steps to make the dream or ambition turn into a reality. It is of the utmost importance that an entrepreneur has to accept that failure along the way is a part of the success trail and that he or she will learn from failure as well as success. An entrepreneur has to roll with the punches, like a boxer and not be too concerned when things go wrong.

As Tony Robbins states, ‘Clarity is power.’ and I agree, but ‘clarity is simplicity’. The combination of these two jewels cannot be underestimated.

So, in other words what entrepreneurs seek is to know their outcome before they embark on a new project, because this keeps their target clearly in focus. On the other side of the coin it also suggests to us not to over complicate things. An entrepreneur’s reasons are also key in developing the correct mindset on an ongoing basis but we will not be covering this subject in this article.

Once clarity is organised or known, entrepreneurs can just get on with the job in hand and develop and implement a massive action plan. If the entrepreneur adds persistency and consistency to the mix of clarity and simplicity, they will be well on the way to grabbing the prize.

Entrepreneurs are clear and concise on what they want and pro-activity will be moved onto the fast track and must be.

3. The Quest For Knowledge (personal development)

To continue the move towards gaining an entrepreneurial mindset the budding or seasoned entrepreneur will have to develop a thirst for continual knowledge and training. They must never stop their quest to find out more.

The successful entrepreneur will know that you never stop learning and although developing leadership is a key ingredient, he or she will be prepared to listen to people as well as lead his team.

This is definitely one of the areas which will assist you in developing a magnetic personality and charisma. Also your internal focus and monkey chatter have to be self monitored, you know, how you relax and also what you say to yourself on a consistent basis. Remember you will become what you focus on the most.

4. Innovation and Creativity

During the quest for that elusive complete mindset, a student should be flexible with everything that they attempt and always be on the lookout for new, fresh and creative ways of reaching their goals. They should always innovate, adapt and overcome challenges, problems and obstacles in any way that they can. Being prepared to take on necessary risks when required, is also an important factor to be considered.

Being open-minded and a free-thinker are also keys in assisting creativity and confidence. These skills will duplicate and cascade down into any team setting or group environment.

5. Honesty and Integrity

If you take any one of these pieces of the jigsaw out of the equation, you would reduce your ability to reach the lofty heights that you have tasked yourself with. So, being honest and using integrity become a way of life and they have to become daily habits and a part of who you become as a person.

When implementing a plan or communicating with others, ethics and morality pay a huge part in building the correct entrepreneurial mindset. Although effective decision-making is a an art and a critical component on the success trail, those decisions have to be ethical and moral. In this day and age anything less probably will not be tolerated by people in your drive for excellence.

6. Progressive Problem Solving

Any person wishing to be considered to be a top entrepreneur will need to become a progressive problem solver. If they learn to solve a person’s problem, they will be an attractive person to work with because they just became valuable to the marketplace.

How does an entrepreneur become great at progressive problem solving? It starts by asking the right questions, understanding the problems that are being faced and reducing the problems to its simplest terms.

Having identified the problem or challenge, never talk about the problem again, only talk about the solution. Then an entrepreneur would go to work on finding the answers with a winning attitude and act as if the problem was already solved.

7. Your Philosophy Of Belief

This is all about your total philosophy, about who you are and what you believe in as a person. I think this ties everything together and completes the package. Your philosophies are personal, but I feel that you must have philosophies which allow entrepreneurs to flourish, if you are yearning to complete your education in relation to achieving the correct entrepreneurial mindset.

I think that the first thing you have to believe in is yourself, because without that you are just going to plain struggle. You must know that you are already very good at what you do, but without adopting an inflated ego and continue to keep that belief in yourself no matter what happens.

Secondly you must have belief in what you are doing, so if you are training to be a marathon runner, business owner or guitarist, then belief in the activity is a major key. There is a big link between passion and belief here, that cannot be severed or parted.

Lastly if you are in a home business you should have total belief in your product(s). If not, consider promoting something different.

Philosophy and belief although combined here, can be separate subjects and discussed in-depth elsewhere.

In Conclusion

I hope this has assisted you in some way to understanding the subject of developing the entrepreneurial mindset and also what I believe to be the 7 magical keys to work towards or consider when implementing on your quest.

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