To Quote Ricky Ricardo, "Aye Yai Yai Yai Yai!"

Over the past week I have received 20 emails stating that I can build a team of 763 paying members in just 43 days! I can grow my networking company for $3k/month in just 30 days. I can go from $0.00 to $65/k in just 13 months.

Aye yai yai yai yai… gotta’ be kidding me! If you believe that garbage, then I have a piece of property in FL to sell you! It’s underwater and you can’t get approval to live there, but hey, it’s property in Florida…..

Just when you thought it was safe to come out of the water….you open your inbox and it’s full of Auto-responder GARBAGE! What is this MLSP (MLM Lead System Pro a.k.a. Attraction Marketing) baloney!

This is more of the oily, snake charmer crap that turned the world AGAINST Network Marketers, Multi Level Marketers and Direct Marketing. I made the mistake of clicking on one link and before I knew it, I had 20 emails (auto-responders) about what everyone who is connected with MLSP was going to do for me….for only $29.97 I could make thousands of dollars and hundreds of contacts would be clamoring for my business! This sure looked, sounded and acted like a Duck to me…an oily scheme.

As I delved further so that I could understand what MLSP was about, here is what I’ve learned to date:

* After my $29.97 initial investment, I could pay another affiliate for $397 worth of CD training.

* Then, I could buy a book on magnetic sponsorship for $37.

* After that I would have to purchase an approved affiliate auto-responder for $19/month.

* Then, I have to get an affiliate website for only $20/month.

* After my introductory offer of $29.97, I would pay for more training on MLSP FOR ONLY an additional $50/month thereafter

COME ON GUYS AND GALS and stop with the “Come-ons.” We all need to make money but why continue the fallacy that the world already perceives…that Network Marketers are slimy! Because, YOU ALL LOOK SLIMY to me! There is a healthy, professional, respectable way to do network marketing that is going to be the Business of the 21st Century according to Robert Kayasaki’s new book!

In the meantime, get out of my inbox with your auto-responders!!

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