10 Of My Own Quotable Quotes – Part 19

I give you another set of quotes to inspire and change your life. Enjoy them. Feel free to use them in your speeches and counsel that you give to others. I aspire to ensure that you are inspired. Please let me know what you feel about these gems. I am simply living out my purpose on this earth. You too can do it.

1. Avoid envying what people have without willingness to follow how they obtained it. Instead of paying lip service to hard work, pay the price of personal sacrifice. Besides grace and inheritance, there is barely anything you can get without personal intentional effort.

2. You do not necessarily amass wisdom with age or the passage of time. It is the experiences you face and conquer that build you tank of wisdom.

3. To expect others to be excellent, resolute, perfect and creative while you exhibit the opposite is synonymous with psycho-emotional abuse.

4. When you are down to zero, a hero in you is shaping. When you are tired of looking around for solutions, look within. When you find an ounce of hope, follow through as this may lead you to endless possibilities and opportunities.

5. Correction is only effective to the degree that the one being corrected is ready to receive otherwise it becomes another method of wasting energy and time.

6. The fastest way to lose life is not by lack of oxygen but failure to keep hope alive. Deficiency of hope throws many into the realm of the living dead.

7. Your source of fame can easily be the fountain of your shame. Be careful not to gain the world at the expense of your own soul. It is easy to obtain what you want and lose what you own and need in the process.

8. Mediocrity is never noticeable. The day you fail dismally or excel extremely is the day you receive inquiries on the reasons why.

9. Intelligence is not synonymous with leadership. I have seen great leaders who are not exactly smart. Leadership is a factor of how many you can influence. When you can ride on the combined intelligence of your team, you become an exceptional leader.

10. The complexion and quality of your life is dependent on your daily decisions. Your destiny therefore remains your core business and core competency. This is one element of your life that you should desist from delegating to others to run with.

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