Abundant Employment Opportunities in Chennai

Chennai is one of the South India’s major commercial, cultural and educational centres. It has an assorted economic base anchored by the IT, automobile, medical tourism, hardware manufacturing and financial services. Other major industries include petrochemicals, textiles and apparels. Here, it is worthy to mention that the key growth drivers of the Chennai’s burgeoning economy is the IT and BPO sector. The city ranks second after Bangalore for being the largest exporter of IT and BPO services in the country.

The top reason why you should be searching a job in Chennai is the city offers plenty of lucrative employment opportunities for people across all backgrounds and education levels. Chennai was among the three Indian cities listed as the fastest growing cities of the next decade by the U.S magazine, Forbes.

Boost to Entrepreneurship in Chennai

Chennai is widely recognized as the “Detroit of India’ for its foothold in the automobile industry. Talking about the present scenario the city has moved beyond the auto sector and is now bustling with a lot entrepreneurial activities. The city boasts of a highly literate population and an easy availability of intellect workforce at feasible price-point. This is the prime reason for the rise of entrepreneurship in Chennai. The three business enterprises that have done exceptionally well are listed below-


Invention Labs


As more and more people are taking the entrepreneurship route, it is expected that in the near future multitude of job vacancies in Chennai would be created ranging from technology to finance and pharma to healthcare.

Booming tourism and Entertainment & Arts Industry

The dynamic travel & tourism and entertainment and arts industry is one of the rapidly expanding sectors in Chennai throwing up abundant job opportunities for job-seekers especially for those belonging from fields like hotel management and arts background. The Tamil film industry popularly known as the ‘Kollywood’ is a massive entertainer and employs millions of people. On an average the industry produces about 150 films per year which has an annual turnover of USD 500 million. If we talk about the travel and tourism industry then, Chennai attracts innumerable visitors from around the world. As per the Tourism secretary foreign tourist arrival increased 40 percent in 2013 as compared to 2012. Thus one can expect lucrative employment opportunities in this sector and set sail for a high flying career.

CyberVale IT Park, Chennai

CyberVale IT park is Ascendas’ second IT park project in Tamil Nadu after the acclaimed International Tech Park Chennai (ITPC) and Ascendas’ first IT SEZ park project in India. Ascendas is the Asia’s leading business space provider which is synonymous with quality and high-class development. The park offers state of the art infrastructure in a completely integrated business environment with plush lifestyle amenities. Moreover, employees at CyberVale are served to a business conduct that personifies the work life balance and splendid ambience.

A Galore of job vacancies in Chennai

If you will scroll through any of the online job portals or employment websites, you will realize there is plethora of job vacancies listed there. No matter to which background you hail from, the city has something to offer! You can easily find jobs in hotel management, hardware networking, logistics freight forward, event management, banking, sales and marketing, IT software jobs, engineering jobs and so on.

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