Ngozi Okoro, A Woman of Inner Strength and Ability!

Ngozi Okoro had a tough childhood in the coal city of Enugu State Nigeria under the rules, discipline and watchful eyes of her meticulous parents. While her mates and friends played around, Ngozi spent countless hours under her parents’ strict supervision being taught the way of morals and the Word. Her father wanted her to grow up well and become a shining example to her younger siblings.

Though it was not all rosy for her, Lolo Ngozi Okoro is a successful woman who has made positive impacts in the hearts and minds of the youths, teaching women to be in business for themselves while glorifying the Name of the Lord with ease.

Lolo Ngozi Okoro is from Amankalu Alayi in Bende Local Government Area of Abia State, Nigeria. She loves God. She got married to a Business Magnate, Chief John Okoro at the young age of twenty but had a problem of primary infertility for fifteenyears. It was not easy for her because of so much importance attached to child-bearing in this part of the globe.

However, the fact that she lived a chaste life as a young girl strengthened her resolve and faith in God for a miracle. Amidst so many tribulations and depressions, her great love for God kept her going. She maintained an unalloyed and true relationship with God. Despite all she went through, her faith in God was never moved.

She had virtually all that she wanted materially and financially but she wasn’t having the best of times because she had no child.

One day, she had a dream and was instructed in that dream to share, engage and inspire new ideas of entrepreneurship in women; building a community of developed, innovative leaders amongst them. She was asked to take her gaze off what she was going through and begin the journey to visionary innovation that is targeted at reaching a wide coverage and have multi-generational impact on the country’s economic growth. She wrote down all the strategies and began building structures towards helping women achieve success. She taught and groomed lots of women, got their children educated and gave them hope for the future.

In the economic capital of Bènin, her name rings bell as a woman who gives food to the underprivileged and assistance to the downtrodden. Even during the challenging times of her life, she assisted pregnant women by praying with and for them, going with them to delivery rooms, paying their bills, making their children’s christening a huge success, clothing and paying school fees for the children as well. She was happy giving lives a good meaning and making positive impact on the people in her world.

She pursued her interests and convictions with uprightness. She was always singing praises to God irrespective of her nearly insurmountable challenge. She never gave up on herself!

At a point, it got so grim that it looked as if the whole world had turned against her; occasionally, when there was no one, absolutely no one to talk to, she will stand before her dressing mirror and encourage herself in the Lord! She proclaimed that she is a success and that she is a testimony to other women. She kept talking the Word and believing God for her testimony. This is a venture many women need to learn and apply.

In 1995, she travelled to Germany for medical checkup in an attempt to effect a change in her situation. On arrival, she was told by an European Doctor that her blood level was about 40%, her weight around 65kg; and the medical experts wanted to know if she eats at all She spent so much money on medicals and had IVF three times but they all failed.

In 1998, broken and confused, she came back to Africa after it was diagnosed that her ovaries were not working and her tubes were blocked.

In 2003, she came in contact with the President of Sisters Fellowship International. After studying, not just reading her testimony, she knew her own miracle was on the way, and she was next in line for a divine touch. She got more committed to impacting her world with the glorious gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. She knew God wants her service so she sold herself out completely to the gospel. The day she joined Sisters Fellowship International was the day she was made the President of the fellowship at Cotonou, Bènin Republic.

About a year later, her story changed; she went for a minor surgery in Lagos, Nigeria after which the Doctor told her that if she does not get in the family way within three months, it means she will never have a biological child of her own. The first two months went by and nothing happened but she kept working her faith. Towards the end of the third month, she went to the office and was playing with a two-year old French baby and instantly the baby started rattling in French Language, baby is inside.

She got embarrassed, handed over the baby to her mother, ran inside her office to check the calendar. She realized that the time for her monthly period has passed, she went for test and it was confirmed, she was pregnant after 15 years! She had her first child in August 2005 and the whole city of Cotonou stood still for hours, people ran to her residence to see this testimony for themselves. What a miracle! Today, she is enjoying her marriage with two wonderful children from the Lord.

She is presently the Area President of Sisters Fellowship International, Bènin Republic; the President of Destiny Builders’ International and the Co-host of Award-Winning Relationship-Entrepreneurship-Authorship-Leadership Conference, International Youth Conference, Cotonou. She is impacting her world with the investment of her personality. Her influence and contributions to the lives of youths and women is quite inspiring and should be emulated.

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