Stay at Home Moms – 3 Home Based Work Opportunities to Consider

Moms in the workplace are making a significant impact on our economy. There was a time when a mom’s only responsibility was serving in the home. It was dad that was the sole income earner. Today, by necessity, that paradigm has changed. Moms are leaving the home and working full-time and part-time jobs, so that their family’s can make ends meet or so that they can have the abundant lifestyle they desire. In today’s struggling economy, it is not so easy for a mom to find a job with so many of the unemployed competing for the same jobs. Those women that are stay-at-home-moms have it even tougher. Even if they have a college degree, it might not benefit them, because as a mom, their job experience has been limited to that of a domestic engineer or a mom on call. Those of us that really understand the value and experience of a stay-at-home mom would be quick to hire them on the spot.

Because the job market outside the home is so competitive these days, and there are so few jobs available, instead of working for someone that you help to become wealthy, moms should consider working for themselves and do it out of familiar territory, the home. Moms have a home field advantage working out of the home. It is familiar turf; they have worked out of the home their whole adult lives. So, if home based business is the prudent direction to take, what are some of the possibilities of home based employment?

1. Create a Home Based Business with a Unique Niche

If you are the creative type, come up with your own job and job description. Throughout the years there have been a plethora of new ideas for home based businesses. Maybe it is a Customized Glass Etching Business; or moms, while raising your kids you have read hundreds of books and have had your kids read the same number, maybe you can build a sales business of used books. Moms are very creative. Bill Gates said of his wife Melinda Gates, if it were not for her and her input and influence, Microsoft would have never existed. She was a mother of 3 children. If you are not the creative type, consider a second option, purchase a traditional home based business.

2. Purchase a Traditional Home Based Business

There is no need to re-invent the wheel; there are plenty of traditional home based business to be bought for an affordable price. There are the MLM’s- Multi-Level Marketing businesses. If you go in this direction, being a people person is almost a must. So much of this type of business necessitates that you know and feel comfortable around people, and after you approach people that you know, you need to be willing to approach people you do not know. Generating a high volume of income will require very hard work, because not only do you need to find people to get into the business and buy your products, you also need to mentor them. If they do not work the business underneath you, you will not generate much income yourself. Other examples of traditional types of home based businesses are, as a Personal Trainer, you can work in your home or in your client’s home. As a Tutor-you can always find someone who needs help in Math, English, Science. As a Consultant- you can help people with their finances, or help them set-up a budget, or help file their taxes, remember all the tax returns you had to do for the family. Or as a Web Designer- maybe you are artistic and good on the computer, remember helping your children crank out all those school reports or maybe not. There are so many other traditional home based job opportunities to choose from, the key is that you get to choose which one you will be the boss of. A final option is the popular and lucrative home based business of internet marketing.

3. Purchase an Internet Marketing Home Based Business

Someone with some keen insight said, ‘the internet is the last bastion of entrepreneurial opportunity on the planet.’ The potential income that one can earn from this type of home based business is staggering. The number of people that join the internet community on a daily basis continues to grow at an exponential rate. The reality of business being open 24/7 and every online person in the world within three feet, opens up an unlimited number of job opportunities for people desiring their own home based business. The start-up costs are relatively low. It is worth taking the time to find out what the possibilities are in the lucrative internet industry.

Moms, for whatever reasons that you are entering the workforce; the home based business is something you should carefully look into. Whether it is a business that you create yourself, a traditional home based business, or a potentially lucrative internet home based business, you have some wonderful opportunities to run a business and create significant income for you and your family.

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