10 Of My Own Quotable Quotes – Part 30

1. All mischief thrives on secrecy and shortage as catalysts. Where the is abundance, the appetite fades away, where there is immense shortage, the cravings awaken. For as long as all dealings and conversations are in the open, potential for misdemeanor is suppressed.

2. You can not afford to be poor when you have ideas. If you can only put your ideas in motion, you can change the world. Solutions that you bring to humanity will solve your problems forever. Humanity’s convenience is premised on ideas that were acted on regardless of how impossible they seemed at first.

3. Leadership is not a factor of how smart you are over those you lead; it is a privilege accorded you by those in your team. Failure to notice this is the reason why people suffer abuse in the hands and presence of a leader. You are only smart to the degree of your willingness to accept your subordinates’ brilliance.

4. Debt is really a ladder that leans against the wrong wall. Yes, you will climb to the top but when it begins to make demands on your life, your health and your emotions, then you will see how wrong the destination you were led to is. As far as it depends on you, own all that you have and live within your means. That is the only reasonable limitation to accept.

5. One would think that knowledge of the fact that one has one life will cause them to protect, enjoy and value that life. Sadly, some spend the duration of life in misery out of choice and decisions made; others shorten the one life and never get the chance to make things right with those who offended them. Your life is ultimately your responsibility.

6. The properties of yeast show us how influence works; a little amount has an effect over the entire loaf of bread. It is good to desire significance and influence but realize that you have to first make a difference in people’s lives before you get those in return.

7. If you have the ability to generate solutions for everyday human problems, wealth will not be a wish for you. At the core of each problem that mankind faces is a formula that can change your financial status forever. When others cry over the state of problems around, spend more time devising solutions that make the planet a better place. People will wonder how you never seem to have problems when it is the problems that have cured your crisis.

8. Refusal to accept that you do not know it all can keep you locked in the realm of ignorance. Many have shunned potential sources of information based on physical judgment and a sense of superiority. It is lack of information that will keep you wandering in the desert when acknowledgment of ignorance would have shortened your stay there.

9. It is the decisions or choices you make with what you have been exposed to that creates your world. The victim mentality blames the outcomes of life over circumstances which are supposedly beyond personal control. While circumstances and decisions by others can be an irritation to your destiny, they do not determine it. You can break past any hindrance.

10. What you have in your hand may seem so insignificant in relation to the big dreams and aspirations that you carry. If you sow that into someone else’s life it could be just what they needed all their life to turnaround their life forever. What you despise and take for granted can be the grand answer that someone has been hoping to see in their lifetime.

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