10 Of My Own Quotable Quotes – Part 40

1. We are in living in yesterday’s future. What we do today is fashioning and shaping tomorrow’s structure. It is the quality of our decision today that will create the nature of life we will experience in the future.

2. Wisdom befriends those who do not personalize it. The more you give it away, the more you enlarge capacity to receive more. Refusal to share your own wisdom puts a lid to existing wisdom preventing the entrance of fresh.

3. Honouring your parents is not a suggestion. It is a vital component of one’s growth and development. It does not matter how many wrong things they have done; honour them anyway. There is no known process to reverse your lineage. Get used to it fast enough and get the best out of your parents.

4. Never despise the steps you take in the direction of destiny. One step forward is a step closer to attaining your full potential.

5. Victory in war is determined by the level of strategic thinking and approach. Doing business is like engaging in war, the more you appeal to your strategic capacity, the more conquests you make. That is the mark of business acumen and intelligence.

6. You are only understood to the level of your transparency and vulnerability. Failure to be open with others leaves vagueness and inference to be the only reasonable yardstick. A society where people can be transparent with no fear of victimisation or judgement is healthy.

7. Product quality will bring more loyalty from consumers that is far beyond what the most prolific customer care program can ever give. The desire for producing volumes should never be the excuse for loss of quality. Tame that desire to only be active to the degree that quality is maintained.

8. A business that creates more victims in its workforce than victories is bound to sink. A business is as strong as the collective brain capacity and combined willingness to fight together.

9. He is a fool who takes a neighbour’s catastrophe as a laughing opportunity. Unknown to him, the same issue that he spends time laughing at it will soon encroach onto his own yard. When a neighbour’s house catches fire, it is wise to assist them overcome that fire so that it does not spread further.

10. It is important to be ready to learn with the passing of each day. With every struggle you face, write down how you conquered. You position your children for greatness when they have a blueprint of how you made it. Children who inherit great wealth with no blueprint lose it in no time.

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