Motivational Short Story Of Patricia Narayan And My 7 Beliefs To Consider When Starting A Business

Rags to riches stories have the power to lift your sagging spirits when you feel really low. They provide motivation and you get a feeling that if someone else can achieve success with hard work and determination, why can't you? This feeling is enough to make you do wonders!

Here is a rags to riches story of Patricia Narayan from India.

30 years ago, Patricia was just 20 years old when she had to walk out of a bad marriage. She had two kids and nowhere to go with no money on her. But Patricia did not beg or complain, she just kept working. She started selling homemade jams, pickles and other food items from a handcart on the Marina Beach to support her family of three members. Her daily turnover at that time was roughly 10 dollars in American money. She spent endless nights crying and hoping that one day she will be able to take care of not only herself but her kids. Her husband was addicted to alcohol and drugs.

With sheer determination, Patricia soon started running canteens in different buildings. With the passage of time, she started a chain of restaurants named after her loving daughter Sandheepa. Her daily income has multiplied and she now provides employment to over 200 people in her restaurants.

She use to travel in cycle rickshaws. Now, she has upgraded her lifestyle and has a car of her own. She has been awarded the prestigious "FICCI Woman Entrepreneur of the Year" award by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

In my opinion, what makes her so great is the fact that she never even considered becoming a businesswoman. Both of her parents were servants to the government.

Patricia's advice to young people is:
– Never compromise on quality;
– Never lose your self-confidence;
– Believe in yourself and in your product;
– Always stick to what you are good at
– Give crystal clear working instructions to your business partners

Here my top beliefs to consider if you want to see success like this amazing woman!

1. Make sure that you get involved in something that you are passionate about.

2. Have an understanding that life will get harder once you start to lift your business off the ground.

3. Do not set low standards on yourself, you should shoot for the stars.

4. Do not allow kids to be your reason for not becoming an entrepreneur.

5. Eliminate bad people or people who will not help you grow in life and in your business.

6. Do not stop setting goals for yourself once you reach financial success, always try to keep climbing the ladder to more success.

7. Once you become successful, help other people and make sure that you become a positive influence to your community.

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