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iBizPreneur Consult is a Business Development Service Providing Organisation the helps to improve the mindset of individuals and the structures of businesses around the world by providing consultancy and training services.

Our aim is to train a very huge number of the growing youths to become successful entrepreneurs in their specialised field of education and to learn the entrepreneurial basics and apply the knowledge in their proposed businesses.

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YEP – Young Entrepreneurship Program

With the purpose of inspiring better lives and promoting entrepreneurial success, HDI-Network Philippines started extending their aspirations to the younger generations through the Young Entrepreneurship Program..

10 Of My Own Quotable Quotes – Part 30

1. All mischief thrives on secrecy and shortage as catalysts. Where the is abundance, the appetite fades away, where there is immense shortage, the cravings awaken…

Micro Enterprises and Women Entrepreneurship – A Way for Economic Empowerment

Women constitute half of the total population of the country so the economic as well as social empowerment of the nation is not possible with out..

Superior Business Skills

Every major business empire and successful entrepreneur has used seven basic business skills to build their empires. Be it John D. Rockefeller, General Electric, Apple, Microsoft..

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